Missing milestone rewards in Sr event


I get the pic saying I completed the stage, however the rewards aren’t in my inbox or inventory


It’s just a visual glitch. Buy more offers. Keep surviving.


Same here. The main screen says “all completion reward received”, but completion reward screen shows that I only finished elite. And I didn’t get the watch to my inventory…ss sent to support… :confused:


I sent SS to support, they said rewards don’t go to inbox ( they always have in the past) did NOT get the Sr rewards, but they continue to disagree…ya’d think I’d know what gear I have, especially with SS to back it up…


in sr event my kept saying haven’t participate yet, but i still got all rewards, i am glad that i play scopelys game, they really know how to make solid game without bugs, and best of all, players come first!

Keep surviving. here take offer!