Missing Lvling event milestone prizes

Hi guys, i’m new here
Cotoharla Shivas Pride Newberry(EN) phone android 7.0
I think this issue have something to do with my faction relocate on a new server, and i remain behind on Newberry
for a while i was factionless and able to collect all the millestone prizes. After i joined my new faction and in the same time i think my previous faction relocate on the new server i complete the last millestone on the lvling event but i never receive the prizes. I think is a bug because it never happend to me before. I did reset my phone several time and nothing, and it already pass like 12 hours since i completed the last mill. Is not a big deal but maybe you can look into it, thank you!

Yeah I’m missing my 1.4m milestones. I’m guessing it’s because I hit over that using Veteran upgrades. Majorly sucks though. Those 4* trainers would’ve been a nice points boost.

Hmm, do you think is related? I use 3* and 4* toons for upgrade all the time

I’m also missing milestone rewards, in my case the 1,100,000 ones.

This milestone was reached when I promoted characters to veteran status using veteran rings (I noticed that we receive 15,000 renown points for each veteran level). The points were added to my total score, but for some reason the milestone was not recognised.

After that, I received the 1,400,000 milestone rewards by completing a “You Got Lucky” mission, but still the 1,100,000 rewards didn’t appear in my inbox.

I’ve contacted Support using this form: https://scopely.helpshift.com/a/twd-road-to-survival/?p=web&contact=1. They asked for a screenshot showing my current renown points and I’m now awaiting for their response.

Ah ok i see, my issue it might have been related to that veteran thing too in this case, sadly i didn’t took a screenshoot, thx!

I recommend that you screenshot the milestone rewards screen, and send it to Support. They should be able to assist you :slight_smile:
It shows not only that you reached the milestone and the respective rewards, but also your total score above.

Like mine, for example:

Is not a big deal, but since is not an isolate case like i thought, i might do that if happends again. Thank you Teresa!

You’re welcome!

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely there seems to be a bug with level up milestone rewards not being sent if the milestone is reached by promoting characters to veteran levels. Would it be possible to look into this issue so that players don’t have to contact Support individually?

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