Missing login tokens

I received 3 tokens in first day of event. I have played every day, a lot. Receive one every day and now I have 5!!! How??? I guess you reset those, but I didn’t receive anything… And now I have less than others in my faction, less than others in my region… HOW??? I demand that you give me my tokens back… I am not one of those who always cry about your mistakes -and we had a lot of those in last year’s, but this is something what "pushes me over the edge "… Check my account and you will see.

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What did ingame support say?

Don’t know, but all have 6 or more if they got more from bag’s… But where are those 3 from day one?

Some have those extra tokens - without buying… So why not same amount of tokens for all…

I was just saying that I had more… I got 3 on first day, collected every day and now I have 5… So that is not right… Specially when I know half of my region have more…



I’m on 6 somehow. I don’t mind at all haha

Tyrone, I believe that you can’t count more than 5… So, 6 or 7 are MORE than 5… Some people have more… I had more… Without paying… So, start of this thing was because some have MORE!!! MY QUESTION WAS: WHY? I just want my tokens back…

5 is the correct amount. If you have more, then you are lucky, like the ones who will get 2 Loris.

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I have 8 somehow but not getting them everyday for some reason.I don’t really care much but yup the gift box isn’t showing up each day

Looks like someone is bragging about his Ancient Greek knowledge

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It’s just that this isn’t a place for such high education.

It doesn’t depend on where you are from. Still knowing Sophoclo should be common, but that doesn’t count for Αντιγόνη tho

My school is kinda special lmao

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