Missing: Lilith and Aden


Hey @kalishane, would it be possible to have an event like a one day blitz, raid, level up… where the rewards are mainly Liliths, Adens, and Ulysses.

E.g. A 12 hour blitz where 1st gets 5 Liliths and 5 Ulysses 2nd gets 4 of each and so on.
Then as milestones we could have Aden, Benedict and other various trainers.

I know this seems like a lot, but I’m also sure people won’t spend $50 to get two Liliths and a bunch of other things.


That sounds exciting!

I’ll add it to the suggestions! :slight_smile:
Thank you Kazamatako!


Can we see a list of the suggestions you’ve sent?


Thanks Kalishane I appreciate it!


Whatever happened to the stages we could farm trainers, gear, & weapons that weren’t 1★/2★’s? They haven’t been dropping