Missing leagues milestone solo reward

Anyone else see this yet?

I hit my 220,000 point milestone tonight and should have gotten 3200 solo trophies but instead it just showe dhow much I need for the next milestone and I never received my reward which really makes my ass itch.

same happend to me also, was confused and thought may be i got it and dint notice but looks like its a bug

Love these bugs that randomly show up and no one ever addresses.

They’re supposed to have this known bug fixed this by next season (I believe those were the words he used) lmao… It’s been screwed up since day one of season 2 (not sure how season 1 worked perfectly and then all sudden messed up in season 2 but here we are… btw what just happened to stretch 4!?)

I’m not even sure how our overall ranks in league can possibly be accurate tbh, I mean none of the other totals are.

I’ve now missed out on over 6000+ season tokens and that’s jus from the missing side mission rewards so far… who knows what the side missions subsequent to these are that I am also missing out on. And as far as I can tell the milestone rewards are behind by over 100k trophies. So for ex, I’ve got almost 220k solo trophies and they’re showing me at less than 100k trophy mark milestone rewards menu.

GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER SCOPELY. I’m missing out on toons from league store bc of this bug you could obv care less about. Too bad this isn’t an Andrea problem, aye?

Idk but I been feeling like we’re gonna get screwed on these trophies/mission rewards since the first day of season 2 when nobody in diamond league even registered as being IN diamond league. We got screwed on trophies we got in the few hours prior to that issue being resolved too, but that just made us buy more raid fuel so NO WORRIES! :grimacing::woman_facepalming:t2:

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Couldn’t agree with you more. I am 540 tokens away from a league store toon and it is such a good feeling to know that if Scopely had their shit together I would have had the toon weeks ago.

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Yep. I could’ve gotten the new Sandy on day one if the mission rewards were working. with the milestone rewards I probably could’ve gotten Tara by now AND sandy. As it stands I have Tara and 1200 season tokens so looks like it’ll be just Tara this season and I’m losing motivation to even play bc of this crap. Let myself get demoted to platinum bc w/o gear, trophies and the rewards I am grinding for it feels like grinding for, well, nothing. :pensive::sob:

Queue the ignorant trolls to come out and complain about you talking about the injustices of the game. Perhaps we will even be graced with one of the Scopely apologists.

Yes, grinding and not getting a damn thing for it just makes you want to stop playing entirely.

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