Missing features in update

The patch notes for this update said we would be able to see the enemies AP with a new bar. This bar is missing. Also, territory walker battles do not give league points, it said in the patch notes that they would.

And legendary toons no longer glow when you begin a battle, making it difficult to see if the team you’re fighting against is legendary or just normal 5* toons etc


Is it a forced update yet? Some aspects may not go live until everyone has it. Similar thing happened last update with faction transfers

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Forced update is this week then we should see trophies for walkers and AP bar, and whatever bugs it adds to the game :joy:


difficult to know if you’re fighting a 5 stars or a 6 stars? if you are new… maybe


My other half now has a problem with survival road tournaments. His toons all died so he revived them and it reset the level back to the beginning. He wasted pretty much a whole refill trying to finish silver level 25 because it did it twice.

Also, the difficulty seemed to increase when it reset the first time.

the AR of a toon reset after he die in SR that make it harder

there’s two things.

  1. He was halfway through stage 3 and it went back to stage 1.
  2. His toons all died in the middle of stage 1. They were bouncing off the zombies. Then it reset again and he blitzed through it again.

aahh i tough you mean when all his toons die the stage reseted.

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