Missing Dwight's Weapon Parts


It seems that I missed getting Red Dot Sights and Barrels, will these be available again? I do not want to not get this weapon just because I missed 1 event that gave these

Dwight's Rifle - Missing things

i think you’ve missde out man… or get your wallet ready near the end of the event…


You’re gonna miss it. Don’t worry you’re not alone


It was the 150k and 250k Milestones (75 of each parts) from the last Lvl Up Solo Tournament.
There is a high probability for not being able to complete it at least as a Free-to-play player in your case, unless they make a “catch up” session… But I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you.

Maybe a $$$ Crate near the end of the event for those missing a few pieces?


You need 75 of each so Scopely will make 25 of each available as milestones, shine up your wallet for the crate on the last day.


Do not fret my good MrSurge42. There is 28 days left in this nightmare of a long event. I can see them putting out a roadmap that gives out at least a 100 of each to make up for those survivors that could not reach those milestones in tournaments.


Let’s hope!


That’s all we can do now a days. I honestly cannot wait for the butt kicking Negan and his tank event to start. Bring some fun and camaraderie back to the factions.


Did you read bout people asking bout medals? Seconds later an offer pop up to buy it. I bet the same thing will happen with rifle part.




The majority of parts have been available on road maps with the odd few thrown in as milestones… to make a large portion of the fan base miss out because of an unrealistic milestone is just wrong.

The thing is, I could have hit the milestone. but the rewards didnt warrant it and there was a faction level up on the horizon so didnt put the effort in.

I dont expect to win every prize, i dont expect to hit every milestone (1 / 2million i’m looking at you!) as long winded as the plastic peices mission is, i’m hoping to get 1 pull - not multiple as some people have managed, but if parts are all available on ‘winnable’ (for me atleast) stages/events then i would hope to do enough to get the collection.

I shouldnt be surprised, but i hold out some hope that sensibility will prevail and on a 6wk long event we willbe given a chance to fill in the blanks


I will try to dig this info up. But no promises.


Apparently the next Level Up’s Milestones will be the same. Because “better” prizes.

Considering there was already outrage, I wouldn’t expect anything to change or them to be offered elsewhere for free when they did the same thing. Dwight will be the same or worse.


MrSurge42, It looks like your prayers have been answered. They appear to be running the weapon part roadmaps through again. You will be able to enjoy your weapon without any mental stress or strain on your wallet.


I redid Act 1 of the Weapons part 1 roadmap, the overage is shown properly in the Museum, I’m at 750/600 on the Red Dot Sight. So now the question is, can I get enough parts for 2 of the rifles? Since some parts come as milestones in tourneys, unless that continues, I doubt it will be possible.


No to two rifles, collection is stamped 0/1.

Once you collect all the parts it will be 1/1 and filed under completed collections, the extra parts will probably either be turned into sd/food/chewed bubble gum.

Or saved for a future rifle collection


Well Duh, I didn’t check the completion limit. No real reason to limit the total weapon count, it’s craftable after all, albeit a rare result in the 3rd slot. Since it will be an exceedingly boring week, might as well run the roadmaps.


It would be awesome to get as many as possible though lol


Fully half of these parts have been available as milestone rewards with the exception of repeating pt 1 on rms.


@kalishane I went to support regarding this matter. I’m missing 75 butstocks and 75 forgrips. Their response was utter nonsense and they recommended i come here. How is this even considered customer support? The forum can’t look into why i’m missing those parts. The forum cant correct it for me. I’m not the only one in my faction missing these same parts. Who will look into this??? Who will provide an answer???