Missing: Daily Harvest Mission

Only one appearing is Daily Harvest - Survivor Club


These can’t even get the leaves right…lol.

This won’t get fixed either.

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War is gonna be a bugged out disaster I’m afraid, good thing there’s plenty of college football games to watch this weekend :raised_hands::raised_hands:


@Slyest - Thanks for this report. Escalated to the team :slight_smile:

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@GR.Scopely that was 4 hours ago, any update on this? Surely it shouldn’t be difficult for the team to fix, it’s a daily mission that’s been running fine up til now. We’re missing out yet again.

its not getting sorted and fixed for us. hopfully the map tonight will show up.

But… you know if the map messed up and it was suddenly paying out coins or double rewards shit would be fixed in 10 mins lol

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@GR.Scopelyi tagged you asking about this like 10 hours ago :joy:

Hey everyone. The situation is still under investigation from the game team.

I’d recommend compensating all players if they can’t fix it per day for missed rewards @GR.Scopely.


An update to let you know that The daily harvest mission will be made avalaible for everyone at 11am PDT.

not many hours left to hit all those goals for the daily mission. This bug should have been identified and fixed much earlier.

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What about the resources people used before noticing the mission wasn’t around

Confirmed, thanks for fixing it same day.

7 hours later mission appears.
Can’t care less, yet … Was it that hard to start it?

Another day another bug/error

Harvest gate has been fixed - is up and running here

is on again but start just now and left 5 hours to finish him lol shame

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Hello everyone,

Glad this has been sorted :wink: