Missing collection in museum

@GR.Scopely Hi. Guys i want to say that i am missing one collection in museum. Its probably survival collection No7 cause you can look on collection No 6 where are you getting cherries as a prize and then what?
I was collection where where you using cherries and axes and getting 30 journals. So take a look

@GR.Scopely @TayTron where is SC 7, where can someone claim these cherries?


Thank you for supporting and more explanation

#7 probably disappeared so it can reappear as a reward of 1k food or wood, since #6 will give most people one single bronze mod box for 4 axes. Yup, that’s definitely worth the time, money & effort. Maybe they won’t come back at all. They definitely know how to treat their customers. Lol.

Why explain?


It is this collection that is missing I already complained and nothing worked. and besides there was another collection but unfortunately I didn’t take the screenshot

Yes it is. Is it No 7?

so I already made a complaint to the support of this they tell me that is ok, but the image does not let lie. now all end scopely complain.

technical support

I have it, but they probs need the space on your server😂

so after the bloody shirts ended the space opened and they didn’t put it back

Damn, still it’s a month until we get errrr we don’t know a poopie surprise probably, they should have it sorted by then bud🤞

@GR.Scopely and other guys thats funny situation. I contacted your support team and one ‘smart’ guy told me that collection No 7 doesnt exist and i am wrong.
Scopely Stop lying to people we have proof that collection does exist just you became greedy to people who pays you money and cutted this collection. Shame on you

@Gladvik Let me come back to you on this while I have spoken with the team.

And what is the result of your conversation with them?

@Gladvik - I don’t have an answer yet for you :frowning: But I have this topic open with them.

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