Missing Coins With Level Up UI

The other thread was locked so wanted to make a new one to keep everyone aware.

I lost coins due to leveling up toons buy using food bags from my inventory on the Level Up UI screen. If anyone is leveling up their toons, beware of using the ‘Inventory’ button when needing food.

I just contacted support and waiting for their confirmation.


Been several threads about this. Think most said support gave coins back. Good luck

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message Support with the issue to get your coin balance restored.

Up already did that the moment I noticed they went missing.

Anyone know what else I can do?

They obviously have no real knowledge about this bug / error. Skopelie should’ve had addressed this issue with a pinned posting here since this is not your fault. Also Skopelie should get in touch with their customer support and inform them!

Screenshot the postings of people here who have gotten their coins back and send them again a message, or attach the links of the threads in the next message to them at least.

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Yeah I created a new conversation and provided them with the link to the other thread that addressed this bug. Hopefully I get someone that understands what’s currently going within the game :weary:

Sneaky, that coin button shouldn’t be there if you have other options to get food😔

Open another ticket and pray to the RNG gods

Trying for another support personnel worked! Can clearly see that this person is aware of issue that’s currently affecting players compared to the other person.


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