Missing coin videos

Anybody else missing videos?

Used to get 30 a day = 90 coins, since 2 weeks its getting fewer every day, today only 3. Never was an issue in the last 4 months.

Is it bugged for anyone else?

No, die i still can watch. But i got the same problems4a few weeks ago. I wrote Suppe. They said, write Tap Joy. It’s not Scope’s buisness. I wrote Tap Joy. They want a Screenshot with my Tap Joy ID. It’s some where below in the corner. 3 days later i can watch vids again. So do not waste in Support, write Tapjoy is my advice to solve it. Good Luck

I still get 30 a day. Although every 4/5 days there’s a reallly slow day where it takes about 9 searches per working video

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Yes that’s true. It say no offer available then. Push the watch Video button agn and agn suddenly free video pops up

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