Missing Characters in my Roster


Just before the most recent update, I pulled 4 characters from 5* tokens, seen in the attached screenshot. This is the first tough Governor I have ever pulled. The other 3 are duplicates. Later that same day, I updated the game and found that those 4 characters are no longer in my roster. I’ve tried multiple attempts to get in game support to simply give me back the characters that I earned. I’m attaching screenshots of some of the conversation. I don’t know what else to do. Anyone experienced a similar issue? Any suggestions on what I need to do to have this actually looked into rather than get an auto response?


A few other people reported some sort of mysterious small roll back with the update.


A lad in faction had said the same thing, strange…


Pulling in @TayTron for visibility!


Here is the other mention of a rollback with the update.


There was definitely a rollback with the update. For me it was only a few minutes as I was running a roadmap. I had 1 energy and 4% left to level up before the update. After the update I had 16 energy and 12% left to level up. Ran the couple stages I did right before update and I was back to where I was before updating.


I had a little rollback issue myself after updating, literally a few minutes too. Started a 2 hour scav mission, updated, rolled back to having no scav mission going. Not major, just annoying haha


Thanks for trying to increase visibility of this issue. Support has stopped responding. Today makes day 6 since this happened and still have not received the toons. I’d take the 5* recruit tokens if the toons can’t be given back. Would have liked to level the toons I originally received during this level up.


Resolved! Thanks!

New gun issues iOS

I had an upgraded Isabel but it’s disappeared from my roster. I also leveled up Cletus to 30, but when I reopened the roster it was back down 29, the extra Cletus I used to level it up was still gone.


I hope you will find another isabelle or cletus in worldmap :frowning: they are quit hard to get and sometime we get emotionnally involve with these toons :frowning: