Missing Characters: A Growing Thread



Open at your own discretion! ACTUAL comic spoilers, not recommended to read any part of this thread you may have not read yet in the comics! Post any I’m missing in the comments please!

Non-Comic (Novel)

  • Lilly Caul - She has an entire novel series revolved around her but all she has is a 3*, yet her boyfriend Joshua who dies anyways and wasn’t even that major has 4 variations, one of which is a 6*! She literally KILLED the governor and is an absolute badass in the novel series, totally JUST a 3*.

”Walking Dead: Alien”

  • Jeffery Grimes - Rick’s brother who introduces him and Lori. His short story takes place in Barcelona. He’s seen running in his converse with his cute panda backpack on his back but unfortunately is killed on the boatride to America after he is bit by a walker.

  • Claudia - Really cool character who assists Jeffery in Barcelona and has no current known fate. She worked as a curator before the apocalypse and therefore had really cool knights armor she wore around on her motorbike. She presumably sets out to deliver a message to Rick from Jeffery he gave her right before his death, but not much is known as she’s never seen again.

”Safety Behind Bars”

  • Thomas Richards - We already have Axel, Dexter and Andrew in the game, but not Thomas, who’s the MAIN Antagonist of this volume.

  • Julie - Morgan has multiple versions of Duane, his son who dies and drives him mad. Why can’t Tyreese have the same treatment? She was pressured to form a suicide pact with her boyfriend who ended up shooting her too early. Let’s just say her boyfriend got was coming.

”Made to Suffer”

  • Alice Warren - She allowed Lori to give birth to Judith in the comics and was the Woodbury’s old doctor who helped Rick’s side. During the assault on the prison she overall risked her life to allow Rick, Carl, Lori and Judith to escape the building safely and was unfortunately killed by the Governor as a result. I always jokingly say Angela was meant to be her, but they put the wrong name, so they played it off like it wasn’t lmao.

  • Patricia - Was caught having sex with Axel lmao. Not TOO major, but would still be cool to see in the game.

”All Out War”

  • Holly - “Sasha” of the comics you can say- Abraham gets with her and she takes her own life in order to cause a diversion for the Saviors. She was courageous and before her death, she was shown to have many redeeming qualities any badass would have.

  • Amber - Amber wasn’t a huge character, a lot of these characters in this thread aren’t but most have some significance in their respective issues. Amber is taken to Hilltop after escaping the Sanctuary with Eugene and is the girlfriend of Mark, one of Negan’s iron victims with 3 RTS characters. She meets her demise after the time jump when Alpha beheads her.

“Whisperer War”

  • Lydia - Carl’s GF who literally has been a pretty major character for about 2 1/2 years now. She’s changed sides and has been supporting Carl through tough times. She’s also been harassed by the Whisperers and by her mother and still has the courage to come face to face with them and overall kill them. UPDATE: SHES LEAKED! HYPE!!

  • Beta - I know there’s the “A New Threat” version, but he’s not very good and his outfit doesn’t look how it does in the comics. Also his height is off- he should be way taller.

  • Father Gabriel - During whisperer war he really steps up and risks his life for the group and for him only to have a 2* sucks. He dies for Alexandria and dies a REALLY violent death, let’s have some mercy!

  • Sophia - The two we have are small and before the time jump. A post-time jump Sophia with short hair would be nice since we have seen the characters Carl and Clem evolve in the game and in their respective source material.

  • Connie - There is a 5* variation already but I’d like to see a fast/alert from the Whisperer War arc as she loses her hand. One of the few currently living amputated humans.

“A Certain Doom”

  • Sherry - Became an antagonist for a short amount time and it was cool seeing a character evolve from a genuinely good person, to somebody who is hardened and ruined by the apocalypse.

  • Andrea - A final goodbye to this character who has been a main character since Issue 2. Her death actually made me cry and I would love to see her in her outfit she wore when she was bit. The horn she used would be a cool accessory to go along with it and she can perhaps be ascended from OG red Andrea since the two outfits are similar.

“On the Road/New World Order”

  • Mikey - Subsequently to the death of his mother after the Whisperer War, Mikey mourns her loss as Rick mourns the loss of Andrea. Rick and Mikey have been seen growing closer as they both comfort one another. His interest in writing catches Rick’s attention and the two constantly exchange tears in this rough moment for Rick.

  • “Princess” Juanita Sanchez - Not only is her outfit really nice to recreate, her badass spear can be a really nice special weapon design. Initially, we did not know if we could trust her, as she claimed she had not seen a human for years. Since then she has redeemed herself with her wit and comic relief to the group on the road. She also defends Yumiko in the latest issue and shows she can fight. Well.

  • Elodie - Michonne’s daughter who we learn to love and has the CUTEST reunion with Michonne. I legit cried like a baby when they hugged and saw one another after all those years.

  • Mercer - The bodyguard of the asshole Sebastian, he’s pretty chill and has THROWING AXES and awesome red armor. Really good at his job too but Sebastian is just annoying after all and can’t see that unfortunately.

  • Pamela Milton - Governor of the Commonswealth which we learn is a group of 50,000+ people. She provides hospitality to the group while they stay temporarily.

”Telltale Games”

  • Doug - Season 1

  • Stranger - Season 1

  • Luke - Season 2

  • Jane - Seasons 2&3 (Determinate)

  • Rebecca - Season 2

  • Alvin - Season 2

  • Sarah - Season 2

  • Sarita - Season 2

  • Arvo - Season 2

  • Carver - main antagonist in Season 2.

  • Joan - main antagonist in Season 3.

  • Ava - Season 3

  • Badger - Season 3

Flaggers Targeting

Seems a little too early for Commonwealth characters right now, but I like the idea for getting Princess added instead of having Michonne edition #1000000000 or so.


Have you forgotten SFH Lilly? With her fast attack/crit buff. Has helped me in many human/walker stages and raids. And who the hell is this Angela character? Is her 2⭐ and 5⭐ variants the same? Where even was she in MTS?

Holly doesn’t take her life (at least from what I know from the RTP roadmaps that featured Holly and Negan’s conversation further) but she does decide to take Rick’s place in taking down the Sanctuary’s walls.

Yes. Another Gabriel would be good instead of that old 2⭐.

Funny thing is, I’m certain Sherry’s ALW design is the same design when she confronted Alexandria after the Whisperer’s attack.

Jeez, I would love for Princess to be added. No way someone as awesome as her can be avoided. Why add more people who I bet have absolutely nothing with the comics anywhere? Hell, what about Jeff Grimes or the knight suit-clad woman who helped him?

  1. Telltale Lilly isn’t same as novel Lilly.
  2. Holly new rick would surely die, so she took his place instead.
  3. Sherry would look different since for some reason she has like black hair lmao.
  4. Claudia and Jeff are really good ideas!! I’ll add them!


True but it’s been over a year and we have made no progress at all when it comes to the comic. Never made it past Whisperer War.


I think I gave up hope of Scopely creating Toons congruent with the comic, particularly after this one…

It looked Ty had stumbled upon a Lord of the Rings set, than the TWD universe.


I would like to add some characters:

[spoiler]’‘Days Gone Bye’’
Allen - Seperated from the fact he’s my favorite character, he is a really
important person and the first character who’s death took it’s a period of time. He
should get:

Allen “Miles Behind Us”
Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
Trait: Tougth

Allen ‘‘Safety Behind Bars’’
Rariry: Ultra Rare (4 Stars)
Trait: Alert

Allen ‘‘Road to Survival 1’’
Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
Trait: Strong

Allen ‘‘Road to Survival 2’’
Rarity: Legendary (6 Stars)
Trait: Strong (Ascended from Allen ‘‘RTS1’’

Dale - He’s a extremly important and good character, with a long lifespam and still only has 2 3* version, a 4* version and a bad UNAVIABLE 5* version.

''Safety Behind Bars"

Thomas Richards - We already have Axel, Dexter and Andrew in the game, but not Thomas, who’s the MAIN Antagonist of this volume.

Axel - All I say is. we need more Axels.


Doug - He’s a very important character and if you save him in Episode 1, he becomes very likeable.

The Stranger - Basically the main antagonist of Season 1 if we skip Oberson, since he never appers Alive.[/spoiler]


This list is awesome.

Doug telltale should be added I agree.

I think a few 2*, 3* and 4s would make good 5-6*

Think selection and designs have been…average recently.

Didn’t know Rick had a brother…and in Spain…
Pretty much confirms the whole world is up shit creek then.


Sebastian isn’t annoying he’s a fkn woman beater who the fuk hits a woman. Especially when it’s michs daughter fkn twat
Anyway I just hope that when the season 4 toons for ttg drop we get Rosie the dog as a 6* some of the other one that wesr revealed as fpr comic charectors I think we are gonna see a lot more of the ones we don’t currently see
4*"andrew was a sign
But a 6* lydia got revealed so I have hope
I mean i wanna see eddaurdo tbh doe
And novel wise Joshua jerimiah gavin are all novel toons right well joshua the road to woodbury refers to one of the novels he could be made ascendble


Honestly theres a lot of characters missing from this game and could easily be implemented instead of the thousands of michones andreas etc, but honestly i wouldn’t hold out hope especially considering it took them almost 2 years to introduce the main villian of the story line they created into the game (Jeramiah).

But i think Dale has to be implemented as a playable character, so does Gabriel, and a Decent gregory. Also probably some of the characters they made including Darius, Brock and todd.


Yeah and Lilly is like the main character and she’s only a 3* so why does Gavin get a 5* and Jeremiah, Barker, and Joshua get 5* and 6s? It’s like making Rick a 3 and like Axel, Lori, Derek and Abraham as 6s and 5


Well joshua in all fairness was lilly bf and jerimiah was a pretty big villain from what I know I mean he was leader of a suicide cult there probably be a 5* lol soon hopefully


Yeah why i added Lori, I didnt really know who to compre Jeremiah, Gavin and Barker to though lol


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Probably just because I love Tyreese so much, but I think his daughter Julie should be a toon too :heart: I know she wasn’t like huge, so maybe not a 5 star, but a 3 or 4 star would make me happy!


Oh yeah a Julie would be cool to see. Also omg Athena is so cute <3 idk whos cuter in ur pic lmao