Missing Cakes & Candles after 72 hours of transfer?



It has been 144 hours now since my transfer and still have not recieved my cakes and candles from my old region (Peach Region, The Unit - faction) to my new region (Colbert region, Pistols of Hilltops - faction). I know this because a just do simple math from my collection museum and see this. Below you will find my pictures to validate my issue.

So as you can see I have 1,000 cakes and 2,280 candles from my old region (Peach) that have not transfered over yet.

@JB.Scopely please help with issue since round 1 of cakes closes today


Sorry to see you are dealing with this too… I’m still missing candles and cakes after transfer as well and no response from support in game @JB.Scopely


Mine candles only didnt show up on leaderboard but didnt lose them I dont mind it tge Garrret is useless anyway wont even lvl him


i lost mine too guys :confused:


Garrett isnt nothing special but my main concern os with the cakes because we get tokens to pull from the wheel that does have some very helpfully toons.


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