Missing arena rewards

I ranked 1st in the draft arena a few days ago, and I still have not received the rewards yet, I wrote to support in game and they said its still in my inbox and they suggested a few ways to help but none of those worked.
I could not send a screenshot in game, so I thought I try here.
In game name: very fat
region: Candler
Faction: Nemesis
Device: iphone

Until it gets fixed, try watching a tapjoy ad for 3coins, I’ve found that sometimes flushes your inbox, most likely will not work in your cash however as it has been days but may work and takes 30 seconds :slight_smile:

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Maybe one of them can offer some assistance

@GR.Scopely @LadyGeek

I have tried that as well unfortunately, no luck :confused:

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Have you competed in the next Arena? I can sometimes go into Arenas and have to compete before it delivers the rewards for previous one

I have competed in arena for the following 2 days, which I already received the rewards for both days but the reward for the one I was inquiring for is still missing :frowning:

I don’t think there’s much I can do here except say continue to follow up with support and hit up GR on Monday.

Monday, just in time for the last word event to be over, heavy sigh

I had to exit the game completely just to get my coins to show up in my inbox from watching videos for them.

You cant do attachment on first message, but attachment clip should pop up after you send the first message.

@Louisfat - Sorry for the late answer. Has your issue been solved already?

Nope, i have tried every method that support suggested, I have sent an email with screenshots attached and still have no reply, now that both arena and the last word event are over and even if I receive the rewards now would be pointless, I got screwed big time

@GR.Scopely so that’s it? no reply from support nor anyone, I got punished for playing the game, ranking first in arena for the very first time and this is what I get

Nice you guys give me back my rewards after the event is over, great job you guys

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