Missing 99 cent offer for WD Tokens?


I didn’t get it? I guess scopes doesn’t want me to buy stuff, big sad.


@JB.Scopely Some help would be great, this is irritating


Hi @MrSurge42,

Please try to force close the game and reopen it again.
Or, please do allow some time for it to appear again.

I experienced the same on my session and have reported this to be checked further.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Yeah, we all know that’s not true. Scopely would like nothing more for you to spend as much as you can afford and then some.

Enjoy your 3 fresh 4-stars when the deal shows up. :smirk:


k I got it, but all 5 of my pulls were 4 stars, seeing those Erika pulls on the other posts makes my blood boil



Probably posted by this guy. :wink:

Bonus points if you know the movie and remember what this scene is about.


I’m going to go get some gum now


I’m mostly not buying it because I know I’m getting fours like always.
I do buy the guaranteed gear and stuff though.


Remembering his monologue is inspiring me to take a smoke break.



Same thing going on here, restarted and have been waiting about half an hour for the .99 offer to show but nothing.

Many of my faction mates state they are missing it also.


Yup :point_up:️(7 characters)


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