Missing 2 Lori tokens still


When will they show up again? This is very unfair to disadvantage me, I have logged in every day since the start of the event, and I have claimed 4 total tokens…


Like wise I am still missing tokens that I had previously claimed on my main account and sit a day behind through no fault of my own, yet on my 2nd account (account not region) I still happily sit at 4 :confused:

@kalishane @SandySurvivor


See announcement.

It is currently day two.


I received 1 out of my 2 tokens that i used prior to the reset so now i have 2/28 and im currently waiting for the next


I was only refunded one (i got 2) but I currently have 3 tokens. So, honestly, it’s hard to tell what is going on. This event is crazy, but just as long as I get my Lori idc


got 2 extra ones in my inbox along with the weapon tokens and then another extra one dropped in my inbox too. Now up to 6 pulls on my Crenshaw account. But in my other regions i havent seen anything in my inbox yet


I’m at 6/28


I am only at 3 and received the tokens from scopley


Can’t there just be a login reward system that doesn’t require claiming and using a token? Feel like that would remove a lot of hassle. lol


Nevermind. I know why. Monetization. No $$$ for extra pulls and the 2nd stash if it’s just logging in. I get it. Don’t love it… but I get it.


What are the actions to make it fair? Are they going to take the extras from others? It is a big advantage the ones who have 4 and us others that will still be behind! The ones with more will have a easier time by a few days leveling her to use in museum, us with less might get the original 3 days or maybe only 1 day.
It sucks it happened, this game though has always happened to be screwed up with key things. With it being normally buggy now I’ve learned to just expect them.
Maybe the best fix would be to extend the museum counter longer.


Update: Still missing a Lori Token, meanwhile, some people have 6 of them?!
I’m missing a token, I only got given 1 compensation token…


No compensation token here yet. Still lagging behind most of the player base it seems and well behind those lucky enough to have 4 5 or 6


Only got one of two here. This whole event is a mess. I tried to stay optimistic after the ascendance fiasco but it seems like it was kinda doomed from the start.


Still 1/28 and logged in every day so far…


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