Missing! 1 Community Manager

Missing 1 community manager, last seen on discord or line or anywhere other than the forums :grin:

Isn’t his first disappearance and usually happens when there are questions from the community to be answered.

If found there will be a reward of 760 coins which will be removed with no notice

Keep surviving!


Gotta get exhausting trying to explain away this company’s shady tactics all day. Prob just needed a break


Must be Pancake Monday


That would be true if he replied more than 3 times a day and to any of the actually issues plaguing the game and not just directing players to talk to “support”

You do realize he has nothing to do w fixing the problems. We say hey there s this issue, if it’s valid, he submits a ticket, if it’s something support handles, he says contact support. Prime example is this, ppl not knowing what his role is supposed to be.

He’s typing!


I’ve been reading and catching up on all the main threads from this weekend and today. It’s always a bit hectic post war, but I’m getting there!

Chances are I will have more answers to a few popular questions I’ve noticed have sparked on the forums (Season 3, Roadmaps, Stash) by tomorrow, as I would need to follow up with the designers based in our LA office. I believe it is a Bank Holiday today in the USA.


No I know exactly what his role is. When has he ever explained away the company’s shady tactics other than a cut and paste response Scopely has prepared for him?

All the issues that are on this forum that get ignored is what I’m talking about. All the problems or concerns players bring up that get no response is what I’m referring too. Where did I say I expect him to fix any issues? I know he has no power to do that. Most posts don’t get addressed by Scopely. That’s my point.

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And what about the big question of league coins? Or is that just gonna get swept under the rug

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Wouldn’t that fall under season 3?

Jb, add

the survivors club members not getting their offers and getting misleading or fraudulent replies from support instead of help

To your list of things to follow up please.

Oh right, I forgot they are swimming in the national bank’s private pool of money that the player base has ‘donated’ to you guys.


Who is @GR.Scopely…seems there is a new Community manager??? ???

Let’s be honest if he is passing on the last day to 2 days messages there’s a lot to go over.
And most topics brought up are big issues and questions that need answering.
There’s not many complaints and questions here I don’t agree with or don’t want answering.

If JB is good at reading average players mood…then he should be advising Scopley to take things seriously.
Unless there wanting the game to die of-course

Game unbalanced
Many broken parts
Changing rewards for worse without notice or explanation
Test Tubes missing in offers for those who bought flask to get extra toon.
Coins and Diamond reward gone

And many other great points and questions need action and answers

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Why did we not get a special reward for finishing in diamond leagues like last season ? What’s the point of pushing or spending to compete it the top tiers of the game if there is no rewards ?

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You get weekly rewards that are higher than the Platinum league

Is it really worth the reward I won’t think so

And also, why is there no presence from scopley on the weekend when most of this stuff blows up? Can a multi million pound company not afford staff on a weekend?

Honestly, getting a “special” reward for finishing in diamond is not something that was advertised. I’m ok with that. Losing the coin rewards, however, is a different story.

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