Missed Opportunity?

Hey! If you guys at Scopely are dead set on not allowing players to (freely) get more faction assault tickets than the daily cap + 1500 tickets, why not offer a pack that’s just a dollar or two that increases the daily cap further (like x2 or x3?) I refuse to spend $3 or $4 to buy an extra 3k tickets, but I would be willing to buy a reasonably priced daily cap increase pack.

Just farm FA

I’m not following. You won’t spend money for them to give you tickets directly but will spend the same amount to be able to farm tickets. Why not just buy them directly?


Shhhhh logic :wink:

Yeah let’s pay to spend more refills and grind more instead of just spending to buy out right easy tickets…sounds logical

An increased cap can lead to more tickets over time, as opposed to an outright purchase of tickets. Therefore, the system I’ve suggested rewards activity. Ultimately, I want my activity to result in rewards, not be capped because of nonsense. You can buy tickets if you want. I’d rather just play and have my ACTIVITY improve me as a player because I like playing the game.

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Woahhhh someone who likes playing the game,they exist?I thought they were myths


Cough dead factions cough farm FA cough get lots of sweaters cough free

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