Miracles do happen

After hundreds spent and over a year played…never getting a premiere i was pulling for. 1 lone single pull from league coins shines light and proves that miracles do happen…


Congrats. She’s a game changer. I just can’t believe people do single pulls. I can’t get the toon on multiple forties. Let alone a single lol


Congrats :confetti_ball:

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It’s false hope until it no longer is. I wouldn’t have believed it either but it happened. 1% chance had to happen eventually.

Honestly I was losing some motivation and even wanted to stop playing…so was just kinda single pulling w coins here and there. The single pull today yielded Bluchonne. Disarm totally changes things for me…very happy and now I have seen for myself that single pulls can happen.

Excellent pull. I’ll continue to pull dustys and bo’s.


I stink she’s the best toon in the game on attack. I can’t even use a team without her.

Pulled Hershel, Bruce, Anna, and Hunter off of single pulls. Don’t think there really is false hope unless your account is purely unlucky.

Statistically unlucky or scopely unlucky?


Either I guess

Doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

I got yellow Joshua on a single, already ascended. I know it does happen

It’s not like you have gear to t4 her

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Would depend on how often they get blue 6 stars

Meh. I thought someone turned walkers into wine. Not impressed😉


Miracles do happen… but very unlikely. I did pull Hunter from a single back in the day when he wasn’t ascendable

Nice happy som1 is EPIC winning :slight_smile:

THIS isn’t a miracle it’s being lucky a miracle is when someone is about to die and they somehow recover

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That’s not the only time a miracle can happen…

She’s an excellent toon. I really like mine.