Miracles do happen!

Single pull…

Could it be a coincidence it was right after completing a tap joy offer? Lol

Still supposedly 1% chance but for a single pull the odds gotta be astronomical



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Single pull on Monday to bad she sucks I got alpha the same way


Congrats. Whenever you beat the terrible odds it’s a win even when the toon isn’t good.


Nice I did a single pull Friday 13th got 5 star Shiva and Saturday 14th did a single pull and got 6 star Carl


Um… The odds are as stated… They don’t change because of your result so the ‘astronomical’ statement is hurting my head…

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Ah, but chances “may improve” with pulls thus who knows what the odds really are?

No…wait…still astronomically crappy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I single pulled ascendable Hershel last time he was on premier, now he’s ascended.

Have not gotten a good pull at all. Be it a ten pull or single. Lol. My luck suuuuuucks. Congrats on the pulls you all

I single pulled nothing yet. And I tried a lot. ^^

Only 5* I ever pulled in a ten pull ages ago, was Gator. He still sits there in my roster - at T4 level 80 - reminding me every day that pulling for money is a bad idea. :smiley:

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