Mirabelle Trainer Wheel Why?

Are you going to start just having pay to pull wheels with tokens or what? This is the second randomly generated wheel that just shows up with no explanation of how you get a token other than to pony up for it…


Better call it a brady wheel because the most of us ain’t going to get the rest.


They havent replied to anything about if its gonna be pay to play only so yes its pay to play only

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Silence can be the best answer sometimes, mate.

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It’s a spending test, nothing more. Did YOU spend? :scream:

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Maybe for the people just starting out. They did just open like 5 or 6 new regions. Not everything is for the high end players.

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So are we getting a chance at this wheel as a f2p? the offer in the shop ends in 6hr but the wheel is there for another 4days?

what gets me is that they give them away, why expect us to buy tokens to get one???

I’m a relatively new player what are the chances of getting mirabelle from the trainer wheel?
My team is quite bad and need new characters and I have a voucher to get the trainer tokens. Is it worth it?

I’m not defending this ridiculous wheel but it is nothing new. They have had these trainer wheels before that were all pay to play, though not very often.
So I don’t think this was meant to be an event, looks like they just added a slight chance at getting a 6 star Mira as some more incentive, because understandably nobody likely participated.

Don’t waste you time/money on this wheel, the chance is .2%. If you click on the tiny, almost invisible, question mark to the right of the title of each wheel it will give you the percentages.

They need to stop opening new regions. I was just in darlington checking it out… only 20 factions have more than handful of blitz wars. And it’s been around 6 weeks. The show isn’t as popular as it once was and there’s only so many veterans who will keep jumping around. Sure, people will download the game. But it’s just an endless flood of level 2 and 3 accounts.

I’m pretty sure the show is more popular than the comics. There’s way more people who have watched the show and not read the comics than people who have read the comics and not watched the show. I started off watching the show and not reading the comics.

Well, we know that for some reason some the top players like to move around and start fresh accounts in new regions. They probably go an drop a ton to put together a good team fast so they can be at the top. Then you might get some initial spending from some of the new players too. We know regions are dying off and we need a region merger asap. It’s not gonna happen. We are at the end stage of the game. I just hope its still got a few years left in the tank.

Season 8 of the show killed it for me. Such bad writing. I haven’t even bothered to watch the second half.


Unless they change the reward structure or wheels no way this game has years left in it.
But I totally agree about season 8. I did exactly the same. :-1:

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The 2nd half got a new show runner, it’s pretty good tbh.

Yeah I will too. I will marathon the 2nd half of season 8 when its over and hope 9 is better. Same with the game gonna ride this out to the last day. I still enjoy both of them warts and all.

Yeah me either. Nothing to do with zombies but I did recently rewatch all of Lost after many years and it still really holds up. Good acting and great writing.

I watched season 1 & half of season 2 of GoT. I gave up.

I can’t put my finger on it because i should like it, i just couldn’t get into it

Season 8 of TWD has improved as it went on, but if i hadnt read the comics i doubt i would have been able to follow the war story line. I know they needed to string it out a bit but it’s just got too convoluted

Got blows walking dead out of the water. The first four episodes are a little hard to follow and some give up. After that it’s amazing.

Walking dead is running itself into the ground by trying to make it last a million seasons. There’s no need to have this story arc of negan last 2.5 seasons. I mean like how many times could they actually have killed negan already?? I know it’s a zombie apocolypse but it’s so unrealistic for them to be face to face so many times without killing each other. Once this season is over, there might be hope. But they have some fans to get back.