Mirabelle or Ezequiel League


I am an F2P player and I do not have Erikas Magnas Etc. in my ranks I have all the free characters that have been able to get in the game. I am seeing that with the jousts I will get to buy one of the two and I do not know which is the best option, some say that Ezequiel is like an Erika for the poor, I do not know how Mirabelle is. I need support to be able to decide which of the two to choose.



I’d say it comes down to if you’re building an offense or defense. If you need offense go mirabelle, for defense go zeke.


One more note, if you are building a multi purpose team for offense and defense I’d go zeke since he’s rainbow lead and helpful on both. Mirabelle really only for offense


I’ve been impressed with Mirabelle she hits pretty hard especially with Glenn buff.


450 DMG on line @Jim_Mac


Mirabelle is very situational, but great in offense. Ezekiel is best and universal. If you have good toons for attack and they will fit Mirabelle - go with her. In other case Zeke is best toon in the store and I’ve seen many people already using it in wars.


Buy zake m8.He is awansome for f2p players and you can make rainbow teams.For me he is working very good.
And save leage points for another season or buy conrad and pria they become 6* some day.


Any answer more?


I got both but if i was restricted to 1 it would be Zeke.


I bought both and have 6*d both of them and they meh


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