Mirabelle and Ezekiel 6* level up

I’m dumb I know but how do I level up Mirabelle and Ezekiel 6* ?

Do you mean ascend to a 6s?

Use the monument near the museum/townhall.

Select you 5s to be ascended (must be tier 4 lvl 80)
Select 8 5s ( any level) to fill the ring
250 blue Ascendance tokens
300 gold Ascendance tokens
Viola - 6s toons

Poor Norma…

Tier him up he looks ugly at T1​:nauseated_face: hope he does you good :slight_smile:

They’re ascended to 6* already, do you level them using training ground if so which do I choose? Also I don’t have any ‘green’ relevant characters to use to level up. How do I level up their skills and to a higher T? I hope that makes sense

Lol I have another maxed. That ugly batch will be next to Larry for a long time

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You level them using any toons you have same as any other toon. There are no matching persons. Go to roster, select you toon, then level, feed your 1s or 2s to them

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That’s a fun idea. We have a hottest character thread, now we need a “Who’s the ugliest?” thread.

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To level up their ar you need Lilith or Aden. To level up active skill you need Ulysses or special trainer. Think that is what you are asking. You can’t level those particular things with regular toons.

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All that I have used to level up a 6 star is the 12hr mission in the scavenger. Except like the prior guy said for the rushes in the active skill they require special trainers

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