Mira vs abe, only 1 will survive the poll war

Simple enough, which of these 2 do you like as a melee lead more, green abe or green mira

  • Mira
  • Abe

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Abe is my go to leader for auto-ing in SR.

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Until you are more specific about the situation, I’ve voted for both.

War/Raids? SR? FA? What characters are they being run with? Attack or Defence?

:joy::joy::joy: i can kill zombies all day and night but hows do i poll

Yea whats better for defense abe or mira…

the results are clear 58%vs55% so Mira wins with 34 votes vs 39

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Need to make a new poll the right way :joy:

Abe is terrible on defence. A decent alert team will rip through him without needing rushes.

Can’t really comment on Mirabelle as she isn’t used that widely but suspect she’s definitely better

Thanks wasnt sure who i should swap out for carl for my defense lead

Yellow duane :slightly_smiling_face:

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in genreal, id say Mira is better, she’s more all rounded leader similar to her red version. unless you have a revive you really need that def or hp lead bonus. Abe is good on attack if you’re using disarm and guardian toons which benefit from crit. Abe is crap on def but decent on attack with the above setup. Mira is good for att and def.

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Right now i run abe, zeke, alpha, viktor and kate. Was thinking of using mira instead of abe and maybe solange instead of zeke, giving my team a little better chance at staying in a fight

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