Mira vs abe lead


Currently i use Abe for my melee attack team but thinking of getting Mira from leagues instead. Hoping her 40% hp will help my team stay in the fight a little longer and her rush has 50% attack boost which will help my team to kill faster. Anyone have both? Anyone have Mira from leagues? Whats your thoughts?


That additional HP is far beter than what Abe has got. You will lose far less cards on attack.


Ive heard abe lead skill is only really usefull if you have a guardian or bruce for disarming the enemy.

i always use mirabelle over abe for raids


More HP won’t help you beat Lydia Lydia Jesus, Critical hit can let you kill Lydia in just two rounds. The effect is even better on chainsaw Alpha who constantly lands double attack.


Hmmmm… Rn i am destroing lydia teams, this would be an issue if Mira affected my team this much


I have them both and so far Abe is far better than Mira to take down Lydia teams.


… Weeeelll crap!


That all depends on yr toons too… mira leading abe with attack mods, attack weapon etc, with that mira lead and that buff, abe will onehit any lydia… everything depends on yr mods,weapons,who else is on team (guardian,shield,disarm or not) too and not just on whos leading


Tengo a los 2, y me parece que es mejor Abe por el crítico ya que uso Ezequiel guardian y con Mirabel no pone los escudos para proteger y evitar que carguen los oponentes…


sure, good point.


Yep abe lead if you have both guardians and disarm, if not go with mira


So is season 1 mira worth getting?


Good lead skill and 2 turn att buff for all…yep she is worth it


Idk really lol was hoping to hear from more people who have both and have used both equally and how these two stack up against each other as a lead, stats, rush, etc

Guess we will never know


Need to make a poll, people love polls


Let’s find out. Do people really love polls? :wink:

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TY, I&W. Polls dont lie, we shall know the truth soon if people love polls or not, let the polling begin!


I more like Mirabelle because HP it’s very important in raid


Personally, it depends what you run them with. If you have no healers or defence buffs, running Abe can be suicidal if you can’t kill quickly.

I’ve not used M’irabelle, but her Alert counterpart is one of the best non-AP bonus leaders available to F2P - although as much for her rush and active as the leader skill.


I have both, and Mira is great for regular raiding against non-Lydia teams. However, with most Lydia teams I face in war, I successfully run Abe at lead for his crit boost, Decap Alpha, 2- Disarm Bruce, and Anniversary Rick. I stun,disarm, bleed, burn, maim and decapitate most Lydia squads. Bottom line…I like both of them.