Mira or Zeek from league store

Who to buy and why? What do you think

Depends on what type of teams you’re gonna use them for (defence, offence, ranged, melee, mixed).

To use for defense

Zeke for def

Well are you gonna make a ranged defence or melee defence or mixed? If ranged Id go with Ezekiel

Mixed strong and tough

Get both


I didn’t buy either. Hoping next season will have one even more OP. Zeke is pretty nice though


Mira first…then zeke…

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Mira is trash. For her price tag.


None, save tokens and buy season 2 character.

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I was gonna do that but chances are the characters they put in are gonna be ones that won’t benefit my teams.


Can you save for season 2

Yes the points carry over.

Zeke!! He is a badass…i thru him in with Erica and my blue Garrett…unstoppable

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Of course I just bought Boobs today lol…got lots of work to do to her. Hope this helps!! :heart:

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Zeke.(Welfare Erika)


Zeke should be used as a universal leader. My rainbow defense team with his lead was unbeatable for some factions with all towers. And able to get some defends in raids from an unbeatable faction in CRW.

Mirabelle does not seem that good for melee defense teams. Plus, I’m seeing people with her using her only for her leader skill.

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Zeke , he’s pretty badass