Minus the story part

Is this what most people’s map looks like for this map:


Just started the final act. :crazy_face:
Dat Benedict is so tempting…


same for me, not worth any cans

I’m almost on the last act and probably have only used 1 can on it. If there are no good maps I use my spare energy on it, mostly for my OCD to have it complete.

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i almost did the same, but then remembered id rather farm 25.8 for survivors than do this map.

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I don’t need the survivors, roster is over capacity, otherwise I would agree

I completed the whole thing, same as why I can never seem to drop out of diamond, l prefer playing something than nothing.

Sandy’s map is staying untouched, though, no point in it for my level of play whatsoever.

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I’ve just been farming 25.8 for weapon parts and survivors. I’m wondering how this map has any value.

lol same, i find it very necessary to do all the story roadmaps even though the rewards might be trash

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