Minus points in lv up

lol…we have just been called cheats cos we have a minus score at the bottom…can anyone shed some light on this. Apparently the small minded in our region reacon JB said this is a sign of hackers in the faction???. Anyone else have a minus score in lv up.

Everyone have a negative result there

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We have a negative score at the bottom too

It’s been doing that for what seems like ages now

lol…tx guys…apparently we have a hacker in our faction cos we have a minus. Guess we all must have. lol small narrow minded people trying to say JB said it.

Just wait til those accusing you guys have it in their score. :grin:

lol Holiday…we are. Im betting so many have a minus. Just stupid people with their conspiracy theories. Can Jb confirm that minus points means you have a hacker lol…Can i get some screenshots of ya minus in lv up…they are so sure its a sign of hackers.

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He did say its because someone had punitive action done on their account

But keep in mind JB is a moron for stating something like that in the first place.


Did anyone leave your faction after the tourney started?

no lol…but i cant seem to get it in the heads of the accusers cos of what JB said

How would one do that

i got a suspension once…it that what he means?

My faction has -45k as well. I’m just about the only one who has put up ANY points in the event so far, and I know it’s not me, so if it’s related to cheating there’s something seriously wrong here.

I’d say it’s more likely just another Scopely bug, 'er I mean “feature”.

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No Banshee is right, its been showing negative numbers for such a long time. Before transfers even. Jb is just wrong lol

Can probably guarentee every faction is showing negative…if not maybe they be the cheats

It does it for other faction tourneys too.
Level up theres the objectives that would generally make it a positive number, but its such pitiful points barely anyone actually tries to reach those anymore.

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