Minor tweaks for 9.3


While I realise 9.2 is only part released, I’ve pulled together some thoughts which I think should be relatively quick wins for the developers. Thoughts welcome but please remember this is about low hanging fruit, not issues with likely complex solutions.

  1. Fix the Faction road player leaving faction before rewards issue. You lock factions for other events until prizes are paid, so it should be copy and paste for FR. think of the time saved dealing with complaints!

  2. dead faction cleanup - use the code from when you removed the FA medals to empty out fully inactive factions. It would give you an idea of how active servers REALLY are.

  3. Don’t let your designers do anything except new toons or town expansions. Seriously, what’s the benefit in having yellow circle around my avatar in faction chat? I know who I am!

  4. Reinstate the extra warning step when collecting scavenger missions - it’s phone-throwingly frustrating to accidentally collect a YGL!

  5. Shorten pre-war idle time (Shane has a poll), or automatically assign towers to the lower ranked faction and allow them to place teams during the wait. Ok that might not be as easy, but it would help make wars last longer than the search and pre-match!

6. Tournament/faction road: either cap team cost or don’t allow 6* in bronze and silver. Maybe gold too but you could ease the restrictions in. This is probably not even an update, just a change of approach.


Good catch, edited original.

“Based on player feedback we have broken the faction lock on all events”


I concur with these statements


I agree with all of these, but especially number 4! I had 3 t4, l1 just now, claimed it Cause level up was supposed to start yesterday. So pissed.


Is this:

Not going against some of the more minor points in your post? You want Scopely to waste time cleaning up dead factions for no benefit?
1 and 4 I agree with, 5 I agree with a modest shortening but any pre-assignment of towers to “lower ranked” factions (how do you even start to define that?) is a crazy idea. 6 Makes no sense?


This is huge for new players in new regions, I find new people join server, reccomended a dead faction, player leaves population dwindles.

Do this and please remove collecting from roster too, that is also unneeded and annoying

All other points are great too @Agrajag please consider these @kalishane please track points add these to the meeting lists.


Both 1 and 4 already have issues logged to be dealt with in a future update.


Totally disagree with you having six stars makes it tons easy going thru stages quicker because they are not persona restricted.


I agree with shortening the pre war idle time. This would be a most welcome change and I give two thumbs up to support that.

Your other option - I’m not a fan of. I don’t think any team should have towers automatically assigned to them as this can be subjective. For example - Team 10 is lower ranked and weaker than team 1 so they should receive the tower in this statement. This won’t impact team one and they would still win the war. But what about instances with Team 1 and Team 2 match? In this instance, team 2 would automatically receive a tower which would give them a distinct advantage over team one. In my region at least, getting the tower can mean a war win.


I was told on the old forums that designers and developers did different things. Designers = cool/lame character graphics, building skins etc.
Developers make the pretty pictures work good (sometimes).


To me this game has always been about resource management, whether it be roster, food, cans.
If your friend stomped their foot in a pique of rage quitting then backtracked too bad. That’s terrible resource management, not to mention a bad sign for their RL.

I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom at least bronze and silver are auto fill -> attack -> collect -> repeat. It’s a waste of a day (or cans) until you get to elite/legendary and actually need to consider some teams (still mostly 6*).


Towers are huge in a moderately balanced war I agree. Happy to hear improvements to the concept - maybe you only get them if you’re X ranks lower or not all 3. Whatever.

Last war my faction had about 75 wars and maybe 5 lasted longer than 15 mins, lots less than 10. Everyone above us slaughtered us and everyone below us we slaughtered.

The 3 longer wars I fought in were awesome - we actually had to communicate during the war about towers, who could hit who etc. giving lower ranked team one or more towers to start MIGHT help make a few more wars longer.

And @Kanaima telling who is the lower faction in a war is easy, as there is a leaderboard which explicitly shows this information…