Minor 9.2 Bug - Scavenging characters not showing as locked

Minor bug, characters on a scavenger mission don’t have the symbol showing them locked out anymore - suggesting they can be used. First shot shows selected team able to be sent out, but second shot shows three are already out scavenging.

Minor bug, hardly worth mentioning but what’s the point of Beta if not to iron out these kinda things?


@CombatMan better late than never :wink:

Thanks. As I mentioned in the other thread, I will be looking at reproing this via the upgrade path today.

No worries, these shots were prior to 9.2 going live, but from the sounds of the other thread it sounds like it is still going on

It is still going on. I Was just coming here to post this same thing. Should be an easy fix.

This has bin happening to me also

Ya, I reproed the issue and a bug was logged. This will be addressed in a future update.

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@CombatMan similar issue with setting tower teams, it looks like everyone is available but they’re not.

Ya. Also affects Territory defense team selection.