Minium Salary For a Pack?

Good morning, somewhere else in the world do you charge 50% of a minimum salary for a pack of 40 openings on the promo wheel?
this is absurd, in the USA are charged 5% of a minimum wage in a pack, here in Brazil is 50%?
It gets ridiculous, I went and I’m still one of the biggest spenders in my region and I always loved this game but imagine a pack being charged $ 520.00 US Dolars?
Would anyone risk saying they would buy a pack to get 300 cards and 30 5-star characters?
It borders on insanity to charge that amount, so I went because I wanted to know if in any other place in the world this extremely abusive amount is charged for NOTHING guaranteed.


Unfortunately international prices vary. I think their prices are generally way too steep for here in the UK. But they could well be way worse in other places


I am from Brazil as well, and nowadays i sign the month pack, but this is crazy. If this expensive cost keep going, i will have to stop spending money in this game cause the difference in spending in game x salary is absurd in comparing with other countries (this is not a fair competition)




Scopely does not set the prices for every country.

Scopely sets the prices once, in US dollars, and then the app store sets the conversion to local dollars.

Sorry, this one is Apple’s or Google’s fault.

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#StopSpending #PlayersUnited


This doesn’t make any sense, I’ve been playing for at least 3 years and the dollar has already gone from 4.00 to 5.70 and the price has never changed, I looked at my other games and the values ​​have not changed, now you think it’s normal to spend a pack that has had an abusive value of R 409.00 go to R 519.00 when the dollar actually dropped from 5.60 to 5.20? Mathematically it doesn’t make any sense, the values ​​were increased due to overpricing of the quarantine, even at that time the scopelly itself put the packs at 309.00 …
I believe that it is not possible to say that it is Google’s fault and scopelly makes the best deals for its players, right?
And look, I’m not a person who spent very little during my years of playing and that’s why I think the sudden change is absurd.
Clearly the vision is the profit and the exclusivity of who in theory, needs to be rich to be able to enter the game in a competitive way, it is a shame …

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You don’t have to buy.


If you are going off of minimum-wage then minimum wage in the United States is $7.50 an hour. Which means a 40 pull. Is about 30% of minimum-wage based on a 40 hour week. Not 5%.

That being said if you make minimum-wage and are doing a 40 tug you are not making a great decision no matter what country you live in.


Maybe different countries charge various amounts in some kind of transaction fee or tax?

What @sinned says there is very important. Everybody has different circumstances and if you are investing a significant percentage of your salary in the game, it may not be the best decision. I once did this when I lived in the UK so I understand it is easy to fall into that trap.

This is obviously because of the inequality in the world which I don’t agree with and find offensive to basic human decency (but we can’t go into politics on the forum). Unfortunately this can’t be changed by a gaming company.

I in no way think that Scopely prices are sensible in any form whatsoever btw when I say this.


But at no time did I say that I am depriving myself of living to play.
As I said I am a player who really spends to play competitively.
I am arguing that for any Brazilian who wants to be part of the competitive game, they need to spend absurdly more.
And my complaint is about the sudden increase in the values ​​of all packs in the game.
And the answer about the dollar difference doesn’t make any sense because as I already said the dollar was already much higher than it is at the moment and Scopelly placed packs with values ​​below the standard of the game.
At the moment it is as if the pack that costs you 100 dollars cost 220 dollars overnight, did that also happen to you?
In this case, we paid 409 and we will have to pay 520 now, in my opinion it borders on absurdity.

I think VAT goes on top of purcheses in the UK which makes it more expensive to purchase in game here, than in the US

Though I might be talking out my posterior because I know nothing

Prices vary quite a lot between itunes and google play store too. Its not scopely changing prices.

I wasn’t meaning you personally, I was commenting that Sinned had raised a very important point.
I agree completely that it is unfair that US players pay less in general compared to other nationalities.


1 big point to make to the op, you may have to pay a higher price to start but for most everywhere you end up spending thousands.
This is because of the massive holes in everyone’s buckets.
I would say many spend $500usd+ trying for the character offered that’s not even including the hundreds spent for the gear, cards or other special things needed to use the character.

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We spent $1500 for the same circunstances and the best part is the big chance to recieve NOTHING hahaha

it is the sum of absurdity, an example of this increase in value was the key to the ‘battle pass’ event, which went from R$ 80 to R$ 110; they just want to profit profit and profit. If you had a team to assess the currency value of the countries and adjust the price of the products, you would earn much more because it would become something viable

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How much is it to do a 40 tug in Brazil?

$520.00 - Minimum-wage is 1000

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