Minimum food from raiding an opponent?


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It is possible to have such a low amount of food that your opponent gets none when raiding you. I craft all of my food into replenish’s and all my opponents get is wood.

You can get both of your resources so low that you don’t even show up when people look for raids. This is called ghosting. Search it and I’m sure Ull find some threads about it.


There’s a difference between what you lose and what the raider gets, based on the raiders level. At level 125 every raid should give 18k food and 18k resources. That player has a workaround somehow.


Around 250-320k food you start to switch from 18k food to zero food lost per raid

(I’m lvl 125)

I think the amount changes based on lvl but I don’t think the amount lost is different than the amount gained by the opponent. That’s the first time I’ve heard that.


I personally think it’s based off your current max storage size. Roughly 10% of your storage is protected from raids.


Interesting one. When someone raids you and gets the bare minimum, the player raided doesn’t actually lose any resources. So I can’t see how this guy would be short changing you - if he was suppressing his supplies, you’d get the minimum and he’d lose nothing


Exactly my point. Why aren’t I getting the normal 18k (normal for level 125)?