Minerva not working right

Her infection is killing after 1 turn and cure all doesn’t help popped gab then 2 died immediately

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Cure all is the point in her to kill if they try that
With s-class she give 3000 damage for every debuff theyremove



you have the 6* she give 2000 damage if they remove burn bleed def down etc


Nothing was active other than her rush

It’s the trauma in her rush. That’s what it does, deals damage for every debuff that’s healed. So using gabe who heals all deals a huge amount of damage.


Cure all should cure trauma

If only her rush popped should only do 2k

Like opie said

Well trauma wouldn’t ever work then would it? That’s the whole point of it, the damage only triggers when you try to heal.

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Trauma stacks. So if you remove multiple debuffs, as Gabe does, then it will deal more damage.


I’ve never seen that description. So that’s fair then.

So by rights the most that should’ve been applied is 2k which is nothing

There are toons that only heal burn or bleed or heal reduction or stun. So it would work as it should for that. Doesn’t have to be a cure all, there are plenty of single to multiple cures that aren’t cure all

With nothing else active only infection was cured

What’s the point of cure all if it doesn’t lol this game

Well it does but trauma is healed last, so if the trauma damage is enough to kill you before the trauma is healed you die anyway.

Same turn technically

Basically if it pops u die no matter what

Don’t matter how much hp u have