Minerva biggest issue

New S class pull straight from wheel again not a shock but, wanna know why I know a lot of people are not gonna buy her because, again as we repeat daily!!

No gear*
No medals*
No trainers/fodder*
No armory tokens*
No league tokens*
No food*
No obtainable cards from game play (waiting 2 months for cards of S class to be in boxes is a long wait. 10k cards and you give 30 out a day of certain ones…thats .3% of a single S class toon)**

Until ALL of these items can be obtained without buying them which is insane…since the toon cost a fortune already, you are gonna start losing even whales who spent. Already know a lot not spending, currently.

I encourage everyone who is bottlenecked in the above items or just one item above to not spend until routes of pure P2P for EVERYTHING are fixed spending 1k plus per toon and all its items is ridiculous now more then ever.


You can remove no food off there…


Add no obtainable cards from gameplay

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I’m glad I’m not the only one having food struggles :sob:


Lol same here, with all these level ups and once you start gaining s-class toons food starts to become an issue, I’m having to sell gear like sunglasses but that won’t last, no real amount of gear tokens on offer either, and tried farming elite and rare gear road maps for them but the amount that drops seems to have been nerfed as well.


haha yep my sunglasses and trainers are getting real low lol

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Why? There are no food bags available from rewards or the shop. I know I am hurting for food cause of the amount needed for s-class and all the level ups we have.


I agree, I’ve had to spend some of my gold on gear tokens just for food. Was fortunate in gaining a couple of 25ks.

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Nah they have proved that no matter what they will have spenders or that spenders will go back to spending, a whales gotta whale :whale:


Even whales needs planktons to live.
And if the scare away the plankton the whale have to find new areas to feed on


Whales will soon have to turn to cannibalism


LMAO :rofl: :rofl:

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Why? Because it doesn’t affect you?

S Classes require a huge amount of food to level up.


Your kidding right??

That’s not true I would be considered a whale I havent bought an offer or coins of any kind in about a month roughly.

Because the time to progress is INSANE, and I’m not gonna wait to buy a toon and use it once 4 months later then it’s no good.


Nope, no cards are worse we have unlimited food via depo…

It’s only unlimited if you have the markers to buy it with.


So you’re telling me you don’t have 10k+ of bloody tops and shit yea sure no one has markers…

Yeah that’s exactly what I’m telling you and several people on this thread have said food shortage is a problem so don’t assume that an issue doesn’t exist just because you don’t have it.


More like players are dumb and sitting on 2/3 star gear… that can get them their food… BUT YEA BLAME THE GAME