Miller region under siege


Miller region has a level up problem. Not that there are too many of them, but that ONE GUY has won every single solo level up tournament for the last 4 months. No matter how intense the challenge from the second places guy, he just puts up an extra couple of million points on top. He isn’t in a faction, he doesn’t talk in GC, doesn’t raid, but is of course max prestige. All this at player level 50. Myself and others in the region have reported him to scopely to ask them to investigate, but so far we’ve heard nothing back. Can someone please send help? Is this happening in any other regions?


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He does talk in gc and he has joined facs for war. But yeh now it’s just getting out of hand and so annoying. I believe he’s been posted about here before and been mentioned in a video by krypt too.


Don’t be scared post those pictures


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Oh we have the same thing on Dekalb, guy wins most solo events. He is currently sitting on 4.2 million points on levelup, and is prestige 7 (So no YGL) with an S4++ team (New server.)

We screenshotted his prestige level/points earlier in the week and it has not increased 1 point throughout the event… So he is not even opening the daily chest.

Scopely still have not banned him.


I know it seems to be a pain but if you keep on with the updates of these certain individuals something in the end be wonderful for them just don’t give up