Milestones question


Are milestones going to be this high permanently, or will we see them go back to normal? I’m talking about level ups, So far every question has been dodged, we don’t get 6 stars every week, there’s no way to keep up if you’s keep at this.


I am totally guessing but i’d Say yes. Just pick the tourneys and milestones you need. :slight_smile:

I always laugh when I see comments like “2 million for a Benedict is awful”. Uhm, I like that it’s awful since I don’t want to level 2 mill right now. Not that long ago we had no milestones. It was all where you placed in the tourney. This is so much more fun. I really like the guarantee.


My guess is they are going to stay this way or get higher when they release t4 gear for 6s. There’s not really a problem with how they are right now anyway.


There was a statement from @kalishane saying we should get used to it so it’s pretty clear to me that it’s going to stay the same.


It sucks because there’s events you just want to compete in, not just sit until it’s over with, It’s how you lose players.


These milestones as full time are bs.


I have just posted a thread relating to milestones but about how unfair level up tournaments are at present. Not because they are too high so much as that so many factors outside of a players control affect the final score.
The first problem is the “you got lucky” scavenger mission which is so inconsistent. Sometimes I will get it 3 times during a tournament giving me nearly 250k points for zero effort whereas other times I will get it zero times. When milestones contain vital rewards to complete collections this is unfair (like in the Ak collection recently)
The second thing out of a players control is the level of toons they are levelling. If you have a number of 5* at t4 points are fairly easy to come by but toons at lower levels are much harder to hit high milestones with.
Finally gear, I couldnt t3 my 6* toon I was levelling due to just 1 pair of night vision googles and a sinilar story with 2 5* characters maxed at t3 who I couldn’t t4. Lack of gear held me back and I’m somebody who farms and hordes gear when maps are available. The uneven point distribution across levels as well as gear make level ups such an uneven playing field that it is grossly unfair. Giving essential collection items for these milestones is also grossly misguided. Please sort it Scopely :slight_smile:


for me, 350-500k for each day of the event would be acceptable


They’ll stay the same. Just be more selective


Here’s an idea, update the lvl up goal values to reflect the higher milestones. I used to be able to compete with some patience and prepwork. When level ups were on a schedule every 2 weeks vs every other day, I would stock up on 2* and take them to T3 lvl1. Even with minimal big point earners I could keep up just be hitting the goals. Bump up those point values and it would make it fun again, at least for some.


There’s discussion of lower milestones, or possibly multiplying renown points.

This is what I know!

Proposal to overhaul Level Ups

i don not care about it,just pay your money for scopely,you will get everything you want!hahaha


Thank you @kalishane, you’re saving a game I love, lol I’ve never been this commited to a game.


They are in a mission to drive everybody crazy.