Milestones in level up


Its quite obvious level up milestones have become somewhat of a hot topic, and most people are annoyed at the inconsistency shown in prizes and the values required to obtain these so here is a basic poll on what you think the max milestone should be , i am also adding a poll what you think this milestoe should reward if you get there
What should be max milestone value

  • 250K
  • 500K
  • 750 K
  • 1 Mill
  • 1.5 Mill
  • 2 Milll
  • 2Mill +

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What would you prefer as a reward for max milestone

  • 1 piece of tier 4 gear
  • Military watch or radio
  • Canteen or gps
  • Five star tokens
  • Unique 5* character not on wheel
  • Other (pleases specify in comments)

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Level Up Frequency Info

we want what u say bro, but they dont care ^^, they not easy u get canteen or gps


I thought the 1 million was fine; not everyone is going to get it in any Event, and the ones that do most likely won’t in every Event.

A unique 5* not on the wheel is fine, with two caveats: nothing crazy (blue Michonne, Priya, etc.) and it should be Ascendable (yellow Negan now, and how they used Abe previously).

Just my opinion though.


Just but your canteens and gps on vk :smirk:


10Mil for priya!


I’ll allow it. Lol


I think thats still possible and probably a good idea, any acendable 5* will always be welcomed by most espcially over tokens


Top milestone should be a unique 5* some gear and a few benedicts


2 million, unique 5* not on wheel. a handful of people got 1 million for barker and other 5* toons that were offered before. you would know what you are spending your money on, and would be guaranteed for sure an unique 5* not on the wheel, and a lot of people say 5* are worthless now, but there are still a lot of good 5* toons. the unique 5* not in the wheel should be an ascendance toon, but not right away.


If you can score a mil you should get 3 prizes of whatever the fuck you desire real shit


Milestones should start somewhere before 100k, rewarding the type and kind of recruits which would make that milestone attainable, i.e., gas masks, etc., 4* tokens. Scale this to 2M+, with rewards being an OG 5* which is ascendable, and some combination of gear required to almost t4 the 6* version: 1 bag with gps or canteen, and 1 bag each with 1-6 of the trait specific items, as well as legendary and active skill trainers. The order of the rewards is debatable, but creating an incentivized milestone system which rewards players of all levels will help keep them interested and motivated.

This idea is operating on the flawed assumption that the rewards for winning a tournament will be improved, but the level up rewards could easily be revamped to something like the following:

  1. 8 Benedicts, t4 legendary gear, legendary AR & AS trainers
  2. 6 Benedicts, t4 legendary gear, AR or AS trainers
  3. 4 Benedicts, t3 legendary gear, AR or AS trainers
    4-10) 2 Benny…
    11-50) 10k 5* tokens…
    51+) 5* tokens…

You may disagree with some or all of the above, but the current reward system is completely obsolete in the context of a 6* economy, and I’m just offering some ideas to hopefully have a constructive conversation about what the community deems fair.

P.S. Things which should NEVER be milestone rewards:
Anything farmable via world map stages.