Milestones for the mittens need reducing

I don’t know about anyone else but due to the ridiculous amount of level ups we’ve had recently and the sheer lack of upgrade materials we’ve also had in starting to struggle to hit even the 500k milestone. Why hate the mittens at a 1.25m milestone? Especially when it’s toons that aren’t even that good, the mittens should be in the first 3 milestones up to 500,000, 1200 Raid trophies and Finishing Gold Survival Road. Make the damn goal realistic or don’t bother making supposed events where the F2P players the damn toons will solely benefit might not even get the damn toon.
You had the right idea with the thanksgiving event where we had road maps and stashes also. Where are our road maps and stashes her, maybe a roadmap we can complete every 2 days for a good amount of all mittens and a stash token.
It’s one step forward, a few steps back and falling down a stairwell m, breaking your neck at the bottom with you and your god awful events


Don’t worry about hitting milestones as there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase mittens for your chance to collect 3 mediocre toons just in time for the holidays.

So head on over to the shop and be sure to check out our fantastic selection of rng bags and crates for all your mitten needs. :wink::whale:

Happy Holidays!


yeah i agree. i just hit 1.25m milestone today and that took me using all my turkey trainers and ascending 6 times. I’m f2p 2 months into the game, and I don’t think I can keep up.

p2w don’t like these new ascendables and many f2p especially newer players won’t be able to get them either. I really appreciate these new chars so I really hope scopely lowers the milestone requirements D:

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They won’t do anything to make this event better. It’s Christmas do mos. Games are quite giving with extremely cheap offers and even some free stuff. Scopely however won’t even give out Mediocre F2P toons for free. Really expected better after they basically gave you Bryan or Princess for free which are pretty great boons to the F2P crowd. Instead we get this. Where’s the stash? Where’s the road map? Where are the realistic chances at earning the three trash toons?
I hope this is just a bad start and a stash and roadmap launch once the Harvest stuff ends, but it’s not looking likely.
Merry ■■■■■■■ Christmas guys, make sure to spend, spend, spend

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Ha ha this episode was funny nice one.

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As usual to understand $copley you need to focus on the psychology of how to exploit gambling addicts.

Its literally the focus of people on their payroll.


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Raids, LU, and SR(green mittens?) have nothing to do with gambling lol.

Didn’t say they directly did ya dummy.

Its all about creating a system with enough hassle to convince people ‘it would be easier to pay $$$’ than put up with the bullshit.

They (rightfully) know that initial hurdle is their current best attack point on the vulnerable.

Its the same crap AAA game dev pull with pre-orders. Basically “gambler fallacy”, once they buy in, they want it to be ‘worth it’ and will pull more to make it so.

Then don’t say the issue is about exploiting gambling addiction.

That’s micro-transactions 101, but not related to gambling addiction.

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