Milestones for legacies. Why bother?

The legacies suck.
End of topic.


Only reason I will grind is the 45 tokens…

I am so disappointed with Knox


45 tokens + 60 tokens in crw for most ppl who aren’t in a top 2 faction estimate for crw rewards = 105 stil short
15 of a pull so spend for last 15 and get a dupe no thx


This is flat out a terrible event. Not even for the holidays can they take a break from trying to force people to grind and spend. Especially for 3 really lousy toons that will ride the bench for anyone with a halfway decent roster.

Thanks but no thanks. You can keep them.


I’ve got no shot at the raiding gloves because I can’t find a single beatable opponent in the raiding selection available in my region.

They want you to keep your hard earned money on their ingame bs, why should we expect anything less. #Tokengate :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That stinks. Are you in a locked region? I’m assuming you are or you’re sticking around because of friends. Fighting these timeout teams without the right toons is a pain in the rear.

I don’t get why people aren’t willing to drop def during these types of collection events. Since 95% of everyone is easy to beat but it takes time. Why wouldn’t everyone just want to be able to hit auto 100% of the time and get it over fast?

The winner of each contest is whomever is willing to use the most cans so I don’t see how it matters if you drop d. Guess spenders have to justify the reason for wasting all that cash. It must really burn them up when f2p toons destroy their precious d. Also, note how the game doesn’t even track defends. It’s because no one cares. :smirk:


Iron and wine. Not all of can beat 95% of players with good strategy. Myself I’ve down to about 75-80% success rate, just there are a group of teams people don’t have the right pieces for. Either because Scopely hasn’t given or awarded it to them yet, or even ascended yet. So many of us have to pick and choose our opponents nowadays. If your able to win 95% great. But many of aren’t that lucky. So that poor guy who can’t get the mittens is S.O.L. For one reason or another.
And you the poor guy, I’m sorry your S.O.L. My best guess is to put your roster on forums and let them help you out. I know the feels. I did it and went from about 35% win ratio to where I’m at now

Ftp will have serious trouble with raid and sr events no way for the, to compete without spending

These toons will not help you beat that 20 percent.

Does your region not lower for events?

Lol don’t post your roster on forums this place is full of trolls who won’t help you and just pick fun at you for posting find a trusted faction mate instead

Yes it is still locked. I was hoping it would open up last time but no key. They are all consolidating factions in newberry and aggressively recruiting at the top. It’s a bit weird.

Maybe I will be able to transfer in 8 weeks if we haven’t all given up by then.

We have a few people modestly spending and still managing to score. For the f2p, the only one flying through raids in my faction is my other half with his team started a week ago (A++ now). He gets beatable opponents. He keeps quiet about it though. Knows what’s good for him. Takes his gloves on the quiet. Lol

I posted mine and got help. Yeah there are trolls everywhere but somebody will help ya. Ignore the trolls that’s all

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