Milestones for hordes

Is anyone coming close to completing milestones? I know I’m only in plat 3, on purpose but that’s a different conversation lol, but no one in my league is even halfway to completing the milestones.


I am at 153k right now

I am at 230k

197K right now I’m in Diamond 2 not a single dropped defense too :joy:

Using a bunch of refills?


Used two from league store and the free ones they sent out.

For sure

Lol and there was a post about this evening the playing field for f2p. People are funny.


I’m at 56k, which is the answer you were looking for lol

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Do higher league levels get more trophies for the milestones?

Horde points I mean

Diamond, I get 1.4 points max?

1.4K from flawless wins but i got a few of 1.5K and 1.3K i guess team grade has effect

Gonna take a solid… 12-15 cans to get to 200k depending on how many times you bounce.

I’m only at 60k. I’ve used all the free refills and winning only about 50% of attacks. I won’t buy any refills from the store because you know, main gear source and all. It just seems like the milestones are very high for crap rewards

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1500 and free weekend :wink:

Here’s my progress plat 3 as f2p

The new event is unbalanced and boring. The milestones are ridiculous. Fix the territories for god’s sake.


I’m not having a huge issue with the game play but the rewards are dumb! Scopes obviously wanted this to be a huge event given how long it is. Not very many want to put in the amount of time and effort for solo trophies and a few league tokens. There is the stash thing but if we can’t reach the milestones because they’re too high we won’t get very many pulls


I think the 3 day length is a one-off to showcase it, but they shot themselves in the foot by having such long energy refills. The milestone amounts don’t actually have to be changed, just the energy rate to reach them

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Anyone who reaches the last couple of milestones has dropped a load of cash or coins on refills :man_shrugging:t3: