Milestones bugs

Hi, I completed a milestone using veteran rings and I didn’t receive the rewards, anyone knows how to get the rewards?

This is a known issue. Your best bet is to fight with support. Good luck with that.

Yeah, level someone normally and it will adjust - it’s a known issue with leveling with veteran rings

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I did, and nothing happened :frowning:

Gotta contact support. It’s hit or miss if they will give them to you. Obviously, this is a bug they just don’t care about.

The score will adjust but the milestones won’t automatically come.

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Its astonishing that this isn’t fixed yet.


Yeah sorry to say bud, but I thinks you are boned, this issue has been around since veteran rings dropped, what myself and others do, is use veteran rings to get yourself to the door step of a mile stone, then you use a normal level up ( Trainer, 2 star YGL) to go past the milestone. It will pay out then, rings to get past mile stones - no.

Try contacting support then, they’ll probably say you need to wait 24 hours to see if they do come in. Put in a ticket anyway though (: good luck

Screenshoot your score on the milestones screen then screenshoot your score in the score board, forward it to in-game support and explain them you didnt get milestones.
Watch a video and screenshoot your inbox when you receive the 3 coins, forward it to prove your game is ‘‘up to date’’ and its not a synchro problem on your account.
With a little luck you will get your rewards in 3 days.

Happened to me by accident, but I just messaged support without any screenshots. They checked logs and awarded me the milestone after event ended.

It wont cost anything to show them all the proofs you may have on your side. And from my experience, the more you are able to prove your sayings, the less they find a way to avoid rewarding you.

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