Milestone level ups increase?

Hey Scopes,

Raid milestones were great this week. Really useful.

Any chance we could get level up milestones increased back to 10 million please?

3 million is relatively straightforward to hit nowadays, especially with faction level up.


Love you.


Hmmm… Already discussed a couple weeks ago. Don’t give them any ideas :man_facepalming:


How are you? Did you take therapy today??

We dont need this…


This post is a disease.


Or maybe leave it at 3 mil but make the rewards on the same level as the raid milestones?


If they do that at this point, I’d bet all they’d do is make the 3 mil milestone 10 mil, and spread out the others a bit. They screwed it up really bad the first time they tried it, but if they were to do it now, with the way things have been going… no thanks.

They need to improve the current reward tiers before they even think about adding more. Just bc they were good for one solo raid, doesn’t mean all is well. And it was only milestones that were better. Placement rewards still sucked. The last thing I want to see right now is 10 mil milestones again.

Everyone whizzes past 3 million so was just an idea. Won’t happen so don’t need to cry about it.

Just being realistic. If they did it right, I’d be all for it. But i really believe it would be even worse than the last time they tried.

I love the milestones not missed a single 3mil yet perfect imo🤗


Shhhh…They might hear you :wink:


Agreed the 3 million milestones in lvl ups are great. No need for change.

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Stay spending you!!!


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