Milestone changes please


I think it’s time to change the milestone gear from ultra to legendary t1 (not even sure what it’s called… the sports gauntlets, practice dummies, tripods and knife sheaths). If not in milestones, these need to be more readily available. I have been waiting for gauntlets forever to t6 both my shiva and therefore I won’t be pulling for any new green epics. Gear needs to be made more readily available. Your only hurting yourself. No the players

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Do you mean like the bags that are in the current level up milestones? And have been for months? And are also in the final prizes?

Or do you mean available at lower milestones?

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Excuse the crudeness as I am not a professional but what about something like this. The current rewards are honestly a joke right now because for 500k we are not getting anything that we cant for free from running the daily gear map one time at the moment. Stop starving us for the necessary gear. Something along these lines would make more sense to me. Obviously swap things like the GPS for the canteen every other level up, etc.


Perfect. This should be the milestones now :sunglasses:


Yea. Something to this degree. The bags are a joke. 1 in 4 chance of me getting a sports gauntlet. Like come on. Just release the god damn gear. It’s time already.

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Yep if its got an rng bag I’m not even bothering. I needed a double holster and the last level up had it so I put up the 2 mil. I am not putting up 2 mil for a chance at anything. I also feel like doing 2 mil is something most people will do only on a rare occasion so at that point the rewards should justify the effort.

BTW Thanks Scopes for giving us 24 hours to put up 2 mil. That was a joke right? Well as the Galactic Cowboys used to say “I’m not amused”.

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agreed milestones to high for very little reward and random at that.

what are you even gonna do with those ascendance medals?

Level up douplicates?

Beyond your first 5 man team.
What are these 6 stars even doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I would spend to hit 2 million as often as possible with these rewards. Scopely… ??

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This would be nice, but I’d prefer a random box in place of the double holster (same as the 2m one in this event which has double holster). I totally sat out of last level up because I don’t need alert gear. Yes, the random box might give me alert gear, but I’d prefer to take my chances than be forced out of an event

yeah, this would make more sense actually

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I get that but my thinking is who can realistically go for it every single time. I do not want to get a useless item from the box so the idea would be that they rotate the item each level up. Need the double hoster then get it. Need a whetstone then save the resources and go for the next one. Don’t need a watch wait for the next one as it will have a hand crank radio, etc.

I get your point. I’d certainly not advocate the watch/radio and canteen/gps prizes to be a random box because of the classic RNG skew we’ve all seen at a time.

Realistically “going for it” isn’t hard. I’ve hit 2m four out of the last five level ups (only reason I didn’t hit the fifth is because that gave the alert gear and I had just T4 Mirabelle. I’ll also hit 2m at the faction LU later in the week. It takes planning clearly, and if YGL screws you then it is a lot harder, but I’ve found it to be self fulfilling - getting the gear allows me to tier more 6 stars which makes it easier to hit the 2m and then stop straight away (which is the bit a lot of people aren’t doing).

Also, up until I T4 Shiva, Boobs and Ty, I was happy for any T4 gear so a box was more appealing. Plus I got lucky on Canteen/GPS from the nuggets events so had enough for four T4.

Guess it depends on the region then. Right now we have 2 people over 2 mil. Last one there were 13 and the one before that 14. So at least in my region I don’t see too many people going for it every time. There are what 2-3 level up’s per week. No one can sustain that amount of points. Eventually you will run out of toons to level up. I would rather much sit out a bunch and maybe once a month go all out for one when the rewards are needed. I am so sick of level ups to be honest.