Miles behind us (letter event)

Has there been a “H” roadmap as yet and is there going to be another way to get it besides arenas. This has continued to elude me and I just need that 1 letter to complete collections

Some is only in the arena world.
And if you lucky you take orange quill of the days that can be traded for what letter you might need

So are there any more attainable orange quilts before time is up? And if there’s only certain letters in arena why weren’t we given a list? I literally spent 5 arena tickets trying for that h

Is total random i got a H in arena.

Ok well I’ll keep trying but would be nice if we got an orange quil roadmap like yesterday or at least a cheap offer

Sorry @Tsarraz but you are sounding like a Scopely employee :sob:. It has nothing to do with luck when the roadmap occurs daily at 2/3am Euro time.

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I forgive you.

The orange quill is nothing for us Euros i agree, once it was 2am the other time at midnight.
I thank my dog that needed to bark at some rabbits and woke me up.
Should be twice a day.

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I can’t find the letters m and u :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not just that, Karl. The whole thing is crap and poor planning, in my opinion!
They want us to buy or win quills, for the roadmaps, but I’m waiting for an “S” roadmap for 2 days, to get another arrow. Nothing! Sitting with 2 quills in my inventory I can’t use! That’s number 1!
Number 2 is the premium roadmap running just during european night time… That’s discriminatory, at the very least, as it was addressed more than once on the forums, and nothing was done. It means it’s intentional and Scopely just wants to cater to other regions of the globe.
Number 3… how can a company create an event that relies so much on arenas, and not address a very simple matter: each arena battle grants you 1 letter, randomly; during endurance mode, it’s much more convenient to use an entry multiplier, so your toons don’t get exhausted too soon. That raises the simplest of the issues… You use a 4x entry multiplier, for example, but you still get 1 letter for each fight you win… Why not 4 letters?! You either use an entry multiplier and get some rewards for arena ranking, or don’t use one and hope you get some useful letters… which you don’t!
Number 4, and maybe the most important one… An event that heavily relies on arenas is created, but arena tickets aren’t more widely available… not just that, but the number of arena tickets you can get from events milestones has been reduces in the last 2 months…
It’s just a shame that after all these suggestions and feedbacks passed on the forum, we still get events that aren’t just worth it, but they’re just a headache.
@GR.Scopely @TayTron @Parker , if anyone can read and address this, please do. I’m just losing all my will to continue and play this game…


Does everyone get the Q like almost everytime? It’s kinda ridiculous.


The letters drop rate is ridiculously ridiculous. None of the words other than tyressee that i got during this time. Shame. It seem that the reward is only to force us to spend or grind, but not to gifted away. Only 2 arrows after tons of tickets spent. Duh

worst event ever … wait that was the one before this on lmao

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Yes and I also keep getting X and Z. No other letters have dropped for me and I have used 10 tickets today.

Yup and if it’s not a Q it’s an X or a Z or a K or anything else that’s not remotely useful. Basically our buckets suck.

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the suckiest part is when a letter from the phrase drops, but you already had that letter :unamused:


Well i got my “h” roadmap now so no more ranting

Ps.Im not a scopely employee

Z, Z, X, Q, Z, Z, X, Z, Q, Q, K, Z, Z, Z, Z. Z


And don’t forget J!

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Or Z! Or X! Use less!