Middle mod slot?

Why you people keep referring to the middle mod slot as a wildcard? Reality is that is an extra slot just like it says so let’s stop calling shit something when you don’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue…

Maybe they call it wildcard because it is in fact called wildcard


It’s called wildcard because you can put any of the other 4 fixed slot mods into it so long as they are not repeating.


What a pointless thread.


@LadyGeek Close this thread

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Talk about not having a clue…

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This guy is a complete ####### #####. Stop referring to that yellow stuff on your burger as mustard. Let’s stop calling #### something other than what it is!

No need to bully him! He didn’t know what wildcard meant oh well now he knows.

Lol id say he didnt come off any better, when you deliver hostilaty or come across that way its not surprising the response he/she got

To be fair, scopely screwed so many people that I don’t blame him for being mad at them even if he’s mad at nonsense.

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