Michonne's Golden Sword's special effect not working at all

Not really sure if this got broken with the armory update (But pretty sure it did), but Michonne’s sword 80% chance to hit with an “effecive” trait is not working, been using her quite a lot on this raid tournament and noticed she never procs the effect anymore, any fixes comming soon to broken effects?


Were you primarily raiding against fast toons? Do you have video of it? Or could you get some please and thanks (:

al parecer ya no ataca con el atributo mas fuerte , y fue cambiado por golpe critico ( en el caso de un arma que tengo aparte, no se si con la de michone este igual)

I don’t have a video, but I might do it tomorrow, as for the toons I was attacking it was a mix of everything really, blues, greens and yellow mainly.

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was asking about fast toons because strong toons have a stronger than attack bonus already being green > yellow - will be awaiting a video though

thats working for me

Here, even when she rushes the effect never happens, whenever she activates the effect there’s a green text that tells you the effect happened, and in the video it only shows the activation of the burn mod, also whenever the effect activates you can see the trait damage on the targeted toon which in the video, never happens.


Yes i thinl i can confirm this also. The weapon is not as sharp as it used to be. The third slot effect now appear lesser than before, and sometime it didnt happen at all during a battle. Please fix it unless you are indeed planning on nerfing her scopely

I need to use a google translator to check what it says - sorry got distracted

It’s correct , her stronger trait doesn’t seem to work at all now even if its 80% … I have started using her and has been two days ,countless raids and not even once did she atk red toons with more dmg ,no green text popping next to her avatar in fights either !!

I’ve noticed that before the update she was killing blues reds and greens now she does a little slither to them

I don’t see the proc anymore either

I have also noticed this. WTF?!

I was just going to post this problem here. Yeah, I am experiencing exactly same thing.

Doesn’t matter, you should still see the green “Trait Advantage” text pop up above her image as when other skills like that proc.

What you mean is that it makes zero difference to the damage done.

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@GR.Scopely Please respond.

@Maat_Mike. Thanks for the report. I have a video of the issue. If the users impacted by the problem could send me their Account code via PM that would be great to help with the investigation.

I’ve contacted in game support about it and they said it was normal

I will not complain if im the only one suffer this issue, but it also happen to many ppl, so it is not about rng only.

If it not triggered only from one battle then maybe it is still acceptable, but what happen here is it already happened for few days and countless number of battle. It never triggered at all. I hope it will be fixed before war start this weekend

Because in game support is about as helpful as a chocolate tea pot

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