Michonne X Roadmap

So who’s actually done it?

You can use battle items so I’m not really concerned with the difficulty, and Michonne is kinda okay for me, so I getting collectibles might be better IMO.

I don’t think getting Michonne is the issue for people capable of doing the X roadmap - the number of pulls you need to get her is quite low.

I did some back of the envelop calculations a few days ago, and would expect about 50 to 100 percent extra collectibles compared to the wheel.

I haven’t done it (only have a bit more than 200 cans left), but I’ve opened it twice by mistake now… Very annoying that the maps keep switching position, and that you’re often under time pressure when doing them.

Oh yea getting the items/characters for Michonne is easy if you’ve kept up with the roadmaps. Right now, her active is the only interesting thing I see. I’m thinking I’d rather spend the balloons on Michonne X roadmap for the guaranteed 125 collectibles.

0 World Energy Refill Gang rise up

I remember you are good at hoarding. If you can spare the 9 cans per run, it’s absolutely worth it IMO. It will take you 60-90 gallons to complete it though (most likely 90).

Meh, didn’t really like rushing it. Had to use 90 balloons but finished with plenty of time with the 3rd 10 mins.

How’s that s15 roadmap?

Easy, just use battle items.

Hokay got it

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