Michonne X EVENT

Michonne X,
Is it meaningful?

It’s not required for any real gain in the Michonne event, just a map to challenge oneself on speed and strength, not worth the cost of cans or balloons for end rewards of few collection items.


832 something worth of fuel.

Anyone completed it, obs I haven’t tried

Do we have some leaks of the s15 stage?

That’s what most here and in other postings don’t realize. Thanks.

I have no problem with the balloon or energy cost of the X map… IF… the grand prize was more along the lines of 1100 collection items like the red velvet cake Hand ins. It would be more worth the effort that way. Perhaps if not 1100 then 500 at least would really inspire people to give it a go

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Just full Sclass team(priya pete hen raulito laopo), not the worst stage by the way

ok :slight_smile: are all other zombies or mix ?

It sucks that the maps just switch position all the time. I just wasted 30 balloons farming quickly because I didn’t notice it was the X map. Not a huge deal, as I will definitely get enough for Michonne, but not enough to max out the event anyway so it’s like 15 collectibles, but it’s still annoying.

@Bun: If they handed out 1100, or even 500, it would screw everyone who can’t beat the map on such an epic level… Can you imagine what this place would be like? It’s more effective concerning the balloon-to-collectible ratio than the regular maps by quita a bit if you don’t care about energy and can beat it, I think that’s enough.

I think there are too few rewards for the cost to use.

This roadmap would of been fine if they had just made it so it stays open for 3-4 hours and reduced the world energy cost. 10 minutes is a joke and its obvious they are just trying to make people waste resources.

They even could of dropped the amount of collectables to around 100 and people would be happy as long as they weren’t getting ripped off in world energy and balloons.

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On reflection you make a good point, @DrJank. The game is unbalanced enough as it is

With current prize, i wont touch those michone x rm. Yeah, maybe like one said above, 1100 collection item, or even 500 will make me think of trying it. But 150? Nah im pass

Needed to try :slight_smile: made 1 act and 2 stages in second in 10 minutues… Scopely you greed motherfucker :slight_smile: hahah

This event is made only to see is us fail and let us spend our saved cans! Nothing more :slight_smile:

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