Michonne Wheel still glitched?

Is this fixed yet I am still seeing glitched choice boxes on the wheel ?

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Yes, and the boxes u got arent fixed yet

Glitched choice boxes should disappear from the wheel ‘soon’.

Glitched choice boxes that you have already pulled from the wheel need to be opened. They won’t be replacing the boxes that are in your inventory; rather, they will see that you opened a glitched box and process the compensation accordingly. If they’re sitting unopened in your inventory when the compensation script runs, getting comp after that will still require you to open the glitched boxes and may require opening a ticket with support - just open them as soon as possible and let the automation do its thing.


I opened them, i hope this is true,

Yes still glitched even though community managers here insist its fixed and support won’t do anything but send out an automated message saying its fixed and you’ll receive “compensation” in the shop “soon.”

I still have no idea what to do with the leftover tokens i have. I dont know if im waiting for them yo fix the choice boxes like they did with the S Class Roadmap of if they just decide #### it and are just leaving it broken and given out some kinda compensation later if they feel like it

Sounds like @LadyGeek is thinking the wheel will be fixed so I’m going to hold onto my Michonne tokens until the last few hours I guess so I don’t pull any of the broken choice boxes.

My wheel is fixed. It should be rolled out by now. Hmm.

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Yep. I restarted the app and my wheel is fixed now.

Wheel finally fixed, at least a day after they claimed it was fixed

Replacement choice box still not given after deadline they made up. Why even make up a deadline if you can’t make it?

Ugh anyone get their replacement box(s) yet? I could be wrong but I definitely feel like it’s past 7pm PDT Monday 10/28 by now

However i guess if you look at the fine print they never did specify the year it would happen ._.

@LadyGeek u r the closest thing to scopely that almost allways help
Could u tell us when we r going to have those boxes?
On the wheel they are fixed

So, should I open this box? How can I be sure that I will not get 1 wood/food/drink/survivor?

I opened that box and got 1 survivor and 1 food

I don’t know if that’s supposed to be like that.

You will get 1 food and 1 survivor… or whatever you choose. Support told me to open mine in order to make it easier for them to compensate. I did get compensation today for two chests (could swear i only opened one tho)

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Speaking of, has anyone that had their Michonne Blessing wheel broken and then later “fixed” managed to get another choice box since it was fixed?

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